Small Town

4 channel video, 2016.

Four various iterations of the same space, attempting to capture a particular atmosphere, based on memories from a period fixed in my memory sometime around 1995. In this memory, we walked through the outskirts of Bristol from a warehouse party (not really a warehouse, actually a derelict tyre specialist) in the early hours, and when we got in it was too strange to be indoors and we went and laid down in the concrete patch at the back of the house and watched the sun come up.

As a teenager in Cornwall, the same feeling could be achieved by sleeping on the beach and waking early in the sunrise, to dog walkers and a different meter of life.

I am in my 40’s now and I sometimes get the same feeling stepping out into the street or garden at night to put the rubbish out.

Each film is 200 frames long and forms a seamless loop for exhibition.

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